June 4, 2023

Austin Reaves To Get Offers For More Than Lakers Want To Pay

Austin Reaves has become hot commodity during this Los Angeles Lakers playoff run. Reaves will be a restricted free agent this summer. With only two years of service, Reaves is also subject to the Arenas Provision.

Because of that status, the Lakers can match any offers Reaves may get as a free agent. And Reaves is likely to get at least one offer, if not two or more, for more money than Los Angeles would like to pay him.

In matching an offer sheet, the Lakers could be forced to match under terms that would see Reaves paid around the Mid-Level Exception ($12.2 million) for the first two seasons. Reaves salary then could jump up by double or more for the third, and potentially fourth, seasons of a deal. That’s the kicker with matching an offer sheet for an Arenas free agent.

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