June 4, 2023

David Griffin On Zion Williamson’s Health: ‘A Big Part Is On Him’

David Griffin addressed Zion Williamson’s health and conditioning on Friday, placing some responsibility back on Williamson.

“I think a big part is on him. I think there is a lot he can do better. And he would, I think, tell you that.

“I think we need to do a better job examining the whole situation top to bottom a little bit better,” said Griffin on Friday.

Williamson, who played in 29 games this season, suffered a hamstring injury in January and didn’t return to the court. The forward was never cleared by the team to play 5-on-5 before their elimination in the play-in game.

Griffin then explained Williamson’s statement from Tuesday in which he said “I can pretty much do anything.”

“He makes the one misstatement about, ‘Physically, I’m fine.’ Had I been here, I would have clarified it immediately. The thing is when you’re going through a rehab process and a player does not report, ‘I’m very comfortable and confident in this movement,’ you don’t go to the next movement,” added Griffin.

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