June 9, 2023

DeMarcus Cousins: I Can’t Get A Real Answer Why I’m Not In The NBA

DeMarcus Cousins has had a few NBA workouts, but none have led to a contract. That’s something that puzzles and bothers Cousins.

“That’s honestly my biggest issue. That’s kind of the untold secret of the NBA,” Cousins said on SiriusXM Radio when asked why he doesn’t have an NBA roster spot. “I’m the type of guy that whenever I go through my hard times, my hardships, I look at myself first. What can I do to better myself? That’s something I pride myself on.”

Cousins said the harder part is that he can’t get a straight answer from teams either.

“I’ve asked many questions. I’ve reached out to former teams. I kind of get sugar coated answers. I can never really get the raw honest truth,” Cousins said. “I’ve struggled with that as well. I would love to get a real answer.”

The 12-year veteran finished last season with the Denver Nuggets. In 48 total games between Denver and the Milwaukee Bucks, Cousins averaged 9.0 points and 5.6 rebounds in 15 minutes per game.

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