November 30, 2022

Drey Ricks | Why Basketball IQ is a Must for Athletes

Drey Ricks recognizes why developing a basketball IQ is a must for young athletes. Basketball IQ refers to the basketball player’s ability to make a good decision on the basketball court. It includes their knowledge of basketball strategies. As well as their understanding of how other players will react in certain situations. The more basketball IQ you have, the higher chance you have to play on the next level.

Drey Ricks
Drey Ricks

Basketball is a very complex sport and the current way parents and athletes are working to advance
skills in this sport needs serious review. Drey Ricks has identified key attributes of this game
that require intentional, purposeful practice to improve. Shooting, passing, and dribbling are skills that require an athlete to fight the satisfactory skill plateau. Games do not improve these skills.

They only reveal their current state. If you want to truly build [your] basketball IQ you must study daily.
Drey Ricks,  “Motivation is key! If you have a bad attitude, if you don’t feel like giving 100%, you already will be limiting your body and your mind. Your mind dictates the intensity of the body. The body will choose the comfortable path. The mind and better yet, the heart has to be the driver. It is no wonder that courage is said to reside in the heart. To be excellent requires great bravery.” It is a daily decision to live with courage. Goals are the target for your heart.

Dre Ricks, “Once you have the engine of your heart behind you, use your mind to focus on your goals. Goals should be thought of as precise baby steps that march you to your task. If the step is too easy and too small, push yourself. If it is too big, back up. Your sweet spot is where the task is just barely out of reach. Goals help you teeter on the edge of what you are and aren’t capable of doing.”

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