June 10, 2023

Jaylen Brown Suggests Some Of His Recent Comments Were ‘Taken Out Of Context’

Jaylen Brown gave multiple in-depth interviews that were published last week, one in the New York Times and another in The Ringer. Brown’s future with the Boston Celtics and happiness with the team and the city were called into question.

For all of Brown’s uncertainity with the Celtics, his situation can be quickly clarified this offseason if he makes an All-NBA team and becomes eligible for a supermax extension. If not, Brown will almost certainly become an unrestricted free agent in 2024 due to how the Celtics are limited on a raise from his current below market contract.

“I feel great,” Brown said. “I’m on a 50-win team right now that you can’t take for granted. Tonight was the 50th win. And right now I’m focused on helping to lead my team for another playoff run. In terms of speculation, et cetera, I can’t speculate on anything above what I’m doing right now. I think sometimes when people write articles they get taken out of context especially when writers have their own agendas or whatever. So for me personally, I’m thinking about clarifying some of the things that have been recently said. But other than that, I’m just focused on my team. I’m focused on playing basketball and winning games.”

Brown was asked what he would like to clarify.

“Nothing right now,” Brown said. “Right now the only thing I want to clarify is that the Celtics need to play better and win more games. If I want to say something in the future about the kind of things that have been floating around I will. But in terms of right now, I like when people hear things from the horse’s mouth and you can see my reaction, my face and everything how I feel about what I’m saying. Sometimes those things can get lost in translation, you know? So if I feel the need to do so I will. I keep constant communication with my teammates and my organization and we’ve gotta have everybody on board if we want to do what we say we want to do. So right now I’m focused on that.”

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