June 9, 2023

League Insiders ‘Extremely Skeptical’ Bucks Will Keep Mike Budenholzer As Head Coach

The status of Mike Budenholzer as head coach of Milwaukee Bucks was uncertain during the second round of the 2021 playoffs when they were on the brink of elimination by the Brooklyn Nets, but they went on to win that series and then the championship. Budenholzer kept his job and signed an extension, but a disappointing first round exit by the Bucks against the Miami Heat is bringing those questions back into focus.

Budenholzer’s coaching during the fourth quarter of both their Game 4 and Game 5 losses has received particular scrutiny.

“There’s some losses for which there’s just no going back,” said Zach Lowe on his podcast. “You cannot come back the same team. And the Bucks cannot come back the same team from this. I don’t know how it will go…

“League insiders, you don’t really have to be an insider, but league insiders are extremely skeptical that Mike Budenholzer can return as head coach of the Bucks after this. He has, according to [Adrian Wojnarowski], his last extension which happened after they won the title runs through the 24-25 season, so he has two years left. I just don’t see any coming back from it. It’s just logic.

“I think the league insiders are going to be right. I just don’t see any other way.”

Budenholzer has been head coach of the Bucks since 2018.

The Bucks face a critical offseason in which Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez will be free agents, while Giannis Antetokounmpo becomes extension eligible in September.

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