June 9, 2023

Mavericks Optimistic They’ll Re-Sign Kyrie Irving

The Dallas Mavericks are optimistic of their chances of re-signing Kyrie Irving this offseason in free agency.

“I think the things that he said along the way about how he feels here, how he feels appreciated, how he feels accepted and allowed to be himself — those are the things that he said kind of consistently,” Nico Harrison said Tuesday, a day after meeting with Irving. “That’s what gives me the optimism that he wants to be here.”

Irving is eligible to sign for as much as $272 million over five years with the Mavericks, who possess his Bird rights as he enters free agency, or approximately $202 million for four years with another franchise.

The Mavericks acquired Irving to give Luka Doncic another star offensive player.

“I think Luka and Kai work together,” said Harrison.

“I think when we have that talented of a player — that talented of two players — I think they work together. I really think it’s the players around them … kind of knowing their role with having those two guys out on the floor at the same time. I think that’s the thing that we need to work on.”

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