June 4, 2023

NBA’s Current Parity ‘Deflated Case’ For Hard Cap

The NBA has had more parity in recent years, which was touted heavily by Adam Silver during All-Star weekend as part of the reason why he feels the league is in a healthy state.

The level parity, however, worked against the league in their efforts to create a hard cap.

“When you look at this CBA and the spending of the upper level teams, the league certainly wanted to rein that in,” said Adrian Wojnarowski on his podcast. “I think a little bit, especially with the hard cap, because of the parity we’re seeing in the league this year, it was hard to say over the last, certainly this season anyway, that there was such a distinct advantage for spending so much more than everybody else. The standings weren’t reflecting that.”

Wojnarowski said the peak of the Warriors during the Kevin Durant era was when there were stronger calls for a hard cap.

“The level of parity we are seeing in the league probably deflated the league’s case that there needed to be this upper spending limit. That there were just teams and franchises that had to be stopped.”

In the new CBA, there is a second luxury tax apron that will minimize the ways those teams will be able to add to their roster.

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