May 29, 2023

Nick Nurse Plans To Evaluate ‘Where I’m At’ After Season

Nick Nurse revealed he plans to “take a few weeks to see where I’m at” after what he described as “a difficult season from a number of standpoints.”

Nurse has been with the Toronto Raptors for 10 years, first as an assistant coach and then five years as head coach.

“Early on, had some pretty serious injuries with some key guys,” Nurse said. “I thought we kind of weathered that for a while … and then yeah, I think the trade deadline stuff, I don’t know if there was a thousand rumors, 999 of them were about us, it seemed like. So that was probably as interesting as it gets.”

Nurse, when asked where his head is at, said he is primarily focused on two things.

“First of all, I think when this season gets done, we’ll evaluate everything, and even personally, I’m gonna take a few weeks to see where I’m at, you know?” Nurse said. “Like you said, where my head’s at. And just see how the relationship with the organization is and everything. It’s been 10 years for me now, which is a pretty good run. I don’t know, over those 10 years we got to be up there in number of wins with anybody in the league. I don’t know even know where that is, but we’ve had a lot of big seasons.

“And then, right now, my head is to make this as long of a season as possible. This team needs playoff experience. So that is where I’m at right now … finish out these six, see where we land, see if we can’t creep up a spot or two in the standings, and then give them hell in the playoffs, see if we can get in a real series and take it from there.”

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