June 10, 2023

Russell Westbrook In ‘A Better Place’ After Trade From Lakers

Russell Westbrook reflected on his time with the LA Clippers, after their season came to an end with a Game 5 loss against the Phoenix Suns. Westbrook said he loved his time with the Clippers and said appreciated being embraced by the franchise and the fans.

The veteran guard went on to explain the sense of relief he felt was he was traded by the Los Angeles Lakers. When asked when he felt that weight being lifted, Westbrook said it happened right away.

“Once I got traded. Immediately, to be honest. From that moment, honestly, mentally, I was in a better place.”

As for his future, Westbrook said he’s looking forward to being a free agent. He reiterated that he loved his time with the Clippers, but said, “As far as my decision, I’ll cross my bridge when I get there.”

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