June 4, 2023

Suns Move Games Off Cable To Free TV And Streaming

The Phoenix Suns and Mercury have cut ties with bankrupt broadcaster Bally Sports. Not only are the Suns and Mercury moving away from the cable network, but they are moving their games off cable TV entirely.

Starting with their next seasons, the Phoenix teams will broadcast their games on free over-the-air TV, as well a direct-to-consumer streaming service. Games will be available on local TV in Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma, and the Suns and Mercury are partnering with streaming company Kiswe on a new platform for streamed games.

New Suns owner Mat Ishbia said this move was about taking care of the fans and the Phoenix community.

“We’re not focusing on money. We’re focusing on winning, success and taking care of fans, taking care of the community,” new team owner Ishbia said. “What happens is you always end up making money. It always works out.

“We’re going to have more fans than ever before. We’re going to have more people who will have eyeballs on Devin Booker and Deandre [Ayton] and Kevin Durant, Chris [Paul] and cheer the team on. And more people buying merchandise because they’re bigger fans.”

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