June 10, 2023

Warriors Support Jordan Poole’s Deep Three Attempt In Closing Seconds Of Game 1 Loss

The Golden State Warriors had a chance to tie the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 in the final seconds, but Jordan Poole missed a wide open 27-footer coming out of a double-team of Stephen Curry.

The Warriors had no issue with the shot selection from Poole despite there being 10 seconds left with a timeout in hand.

Poole was 6-for-11 from three in the game.

“I thought Jordan did a really good job,” Steve Kerr said. “I have the timeout stuff, I saw them double-teaming Steph at half court, so I knew somebody was going to be wide-open if we could just get the ball out, and Steph did a great job. He got the ball out of the trap and Jordan was wide-open, and pretty good look, and you know, that’s a shot he can hit.”

“It was a shot he was open and flowing,” Curry said of Poole. “Considering how they guard us on that possession, you know, trapping me at the half court, Draymond swinging it over to him, it’s kind of an in-rhythm shot.

“I’m sure he felt pretty good about it. That’s why he shot it. There are no kind of regrets about that. It’s just a make-or-miss type situation and a lot of trust in him and his ability to put the ball in the basket.”

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