June 4, 2023

Blazers May Attempt To Renegotiate Protection On Pick Owed to Bulls

The Portland Trail Blazers moved up to the third pick in the draft. Portland GM Joe Cronin indicated the team’s goal is to still build a winner around Damian Lillard. That could have the Blazers in the market to trade that pick.

In addition, Portland may reach out to renegotiate the protections on a pick that they owe to the Chicago Bulls. That pick is lottery-protected through 2028. That hampers the Trail Blazers ability to trade future picks, because they could still have that original pick to convey to Chicago.

In recent years, the Miami Heat renegotiated protections on a pick they owed to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Miami loosened protections and delivered an early pick to Oklahoma City, in order to free up a later pick. Portland could do the same, or could send Chicago additional draft compensation or a player, in order to change the protections on the future pick they owe them.

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