May 29, 2023

Jalen Green: Playing With James Harden Could ‘Help And Hurt At The Same Time’

The Houston Rockets have been linked with a pursuit of James Harden, which could have an impact on the development of some of their young players such as Jalen Green.

Green recently appeared on Paul George’s podcast and the two discussed the possibility of Houston signing Harden. George expressed the opinion that Harden could help him out while also hindering his growth.

“I agree,” Green said. “I think I could play both ways like you said. It could help and hurt at the same time.”

Green averaged 22.1 points in his second season.

“I haven’t really talked to him too much about the rumors and stuff like that,” Green said. “I’m with you on that. That’s all I’m gone say.”

George also weighed in with his opinion.
“Personally, I wouldn’t [add Harden],” George said. “I feel like at this point you’re the king of Houston. They made their decision on who the future is. When you pick a guy with the fourth pick, he’s our guy. So they full-on committed to who the future is.”

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