June 10, 2023

NBA Projects In-Season Tournament Will Generate Extra $1 Billion In Revenue

The NBA has added an In-Season Tournament to its annual schedule after several years of resistance from certain stakeholders. While it is not yet known how the tournament will be received by players and fans, the NBA is expecting it to have a significant increase on annual revenues.

“This is a little scoop, apparently Adam Silver said at the GM meeting, which I believe was Tuesday or Wednesday here in Chicago, that the league is projecting the In-Season Tournament will generate an extra $1 billion for the league,” said Jake Fischer on the No Cap Room podcast. “One billion dollars. I don’t know where that calculation is coming from, but if that’s the case, clearly they’re excited about it for that reason alone. Obviously there’s certainly a goal it will induce some more intrigue in the games before the postseason.”

The In-Season Tournament will have a group stage over the first two months of the season before a knockout round with the final four stage played at a neutral location.

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