June 9, 2023

Second Apron Teams Could Look To Salary Dump Good Players Ahead Of Rule Changes

The NBA’s second apron for luxury tax teams in the next CBA will make it challenging to keep a roster together and it will also be challenging to add to the roster. In anticipation of those rule changes, some of those teams may look to shed salary this coming offseason.

“Everyone now knows what the new CBA is,” said Zach Lowe on his podcast. “That it’s looming. And some of the teams with cap room or in the middle, or just some executives who study this stuff and try to game plan it out, the anticipation is some of the expensive teams, not all of them, some of them, in anticipation of the crunch that’s coming when all the new rules kick in, that there will be a couple, a few gettable good players that those teams shed just to get off money. And if you have cap room and flexibility, you might be able to get them for cheap.

“I think a team like Orlando, San Antonio even. They can look to pick off a player like that for very low cost instead of going whole hog with these picks. I think there’s a lot of optionality in play.”

Jordan Poole is a player on a big contract that has been speculated about as a possible trade candidate as the Golden State Warriors look to shed money. The Los Angeles Clippers are another team that could look to proactively reduce payroll ahead of the new rules.

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